"Pilot Webisode"

Maburu and the Videographer shoot the first episode of "Maburu Maburu Live". However, because of frequent interruptions, the episode came to a sudden stop after some violence happens.

"How to Feed Chickens"

Maburu and the Videographer stumble upon a house that has a bunch of random chickens. Maburu decides to film a new episode on how to feed them, but he never fed chickens before.

"How to Write Poetry"

Maburu and the Videographer happens to see a poetry group. Maburu enjoys poetry, and decides to make an episode about it. However, tension rises between Maburu and the poetry group. 

Maburu and the Videographer are invited to a suburban couple's home for Thanksgiving. The couple are huge fans of Maburu and the Videographer, so they try to keep them in their house. 

  "Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner"

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